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Lavender Rose

Aromatic lavender oil and smooth cocoa are blended with raw honey and topped with edible rose petals.

Discover every indulgent flavor

Chocolate Cake

Dutch cocoa envelopes warm southern pecans, sprinkled by hand with toasted coconut.

Discover every indulgent flavor

Birthday Cake

Creamy cashews, vanilla, and superfood coconut sprinkles make for the cleanest take on the iconic flavor. 

Discover every indulgent flavor

Salted Almond

Rich Dutch cocoa and nourishing sprouted almonds create the perfect balance of sweet, salty and crunchy.

Discovery every indulgent flavor

Carrot Cake

Earthy walnuts, chewy raisins, and warm spices create a depth of flavor that feels like a fantasy.

Discovery every indulgent flavor


Finely shredded coconut, subtly sweet raw honey, and smooth cocoa swirl into a silky, velvety-smooth texture. 

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Ginger Cardamon

Honey, spice, and everything nice! Ginger oil and cardamom create a uniquely sensational cocoa truffle bar.

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Oregon Mint

Oregon-grown heirloom peppermint oil and smooth cocoa create a treat as refreshing as it is delightful.   

Discovery every indulgent flavor

Coffee Nib Crunch

Stimulate your senses with organic coffee beans, crunchy cacao nibs, and rich cocoa.

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Tahini Tangerine

Toasted sesame butter, bright citrus, and crunchy cacao nibs create a nutty and sweet treat.

Discover every indulgent flavor

Peruvian Raw

Antioxidant rich cacao is paired with the satiating crunch of nutrient-dense sprouted almonds. 

“These creamy,

honey-sweetened bars

go beyond the chocolate

you know”


“Honey Mama’s bars have replaced all other chocolate in my life.”

bon appétit

“Honey Mama’s honey-sweetened chocolate elevates the game to another level.”

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Each Honey Mama’s bar is made from a foundation of nutrient-dense whole foods for a 100% clean label healthy indulgence.

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Our Story

Food can be healthy
and damn delicious

We believe food inspires wellbeing.

Christy Goldsby founded Honey Mama’s fearlessly believing that delightfully indulgent treats made from clean, nutrient-rich ingredients have the power to change how we think about food.


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