“I’ve been waiting for
this my whole adult life.”


Delight your senses with a

chocolatey treat as nourishing as it is decadent.

Honey Mama’s bars are made using only five whole food, nutrient-rich ingredients. Enrich your body and mind one superfood at a time with an assortment of unbelievably delicious flavors.

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All our flavors

Tahini Tangerine

Toasted sesame butter, essence of tangerine oil, crunchy cacao nibs and a bit of raw honey mixed with smooth Dutch cocoa will light you up from the first bite.

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Ginger Cardamom

We start with coconut, honey, salt and cocoa then add ginger oil to bring a rich, velvety expression of its sweet & spicy character.

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Oregon Mint

Smooth Dutch cocoa and sustainably sourced peppermint oil from a local heirloom mint farm combined with organic raw honey and coconut for those moments of pure chill.

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Spicy Dark

Exotic Saigon Cinnamon transports you with spicy organic cayenne in our “naughty and nice” bar filled with sweet, hot and exotic flavors to invigorate your bliss.

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Original Dutch

Smooth Dutch cocoa sweetened with raw organic honey and mixed with crunchy sprouted almonds create a perfect texture and flavor for chocolate lovers everywhere.

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Lavender Rose

Our classic beauty for the lovers of life. Made with heavenly essential lavender oil and topped with edible red rose petals for life’s magical moments.

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Coffee Nib Crunch

Smooth Dutch cocoa, Fair Trade coffee and a crunch of cacao nibs all sweetened with raw organic honey for a perfect pick-me-up and let’s-get-going moment.

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Shredded coconut and the subtle sweetness of raw organic honey is mixed with smooth Dutch cocoa and then touched with a hint of vanilla and caress of Himalayan sea salt for true decadence.

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“So delicious it is

a delight to the entire mouth!”

Sheri K.

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Pure Delight

“Your favorite candy bar went to a meditation retreat and came back enlightened.”

“Send help,

I can’t stop eatingthese bars”


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